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Now available - searching content by tags using OR, AND

Our Search API now gives users the ability to retrieve data using "OR","AND" requests.

The default setting to search by tags is "OR" - which will retrieve content related to either value. This can be accomplished by simply seperating the tag values by commas. For example:


To search using "AND" - which will retrieve content pertaining to both and only both values, you can add the parameter "tagsMatchType=all". For example:



We hope this provides more flexibility for users.

Search API showcase - Mobile URL's

For users interested in producing mobile applications against our search API, we offer the "<uol:mobileUrl>" node. Developers can use this node to link directly to the mobile web version of our content - be it articles, slideshows, videos, etc. Happy coding!

New metadata added to video search API results!

We are pleased to announce that our video search API has been updated with the following new metadata:

<uol:episode> - The episode number of the video

<uol:duration> - The duration of the video in seconds

<uol:longform> - Denotes whether the video is short-form or long-form format

<uol:programName> - The program name to which the video belongs

<uol:airDate> - The original air date of the video

<uol:season> - The season to which the video belongs to

<uol:rating> - The rating of the video


Welcome to the launch of the Univision Developer Network!

We are excited to provide a set of APIs which you as the developer can start leveraging in applications you build.  We look forward to the myriad of ways folks can integrate Univision content and services in native smart phone apps, web widgets, and even whole sites.

Please be on the lookout here as we introduce additional APIs in the coming months.

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