API Overview

The Univision API offers users the ability to access key Univision content and functionality via http requests. It is sub-divided into various modules based on their relevant scopes. All modules are accessed using the below request structure pattern. Once you become clear with the below instructions, you can navigate to the API Modules for their individual documentation.

Request Structure

The format of a REST call to the Univision API is:

http://apiservice.univision.com/rest/<MODULE>/<METHOD>?<PARAMETERS>&api_key=<your api key>

You can read about the response formats here.

Error Reporting

Error responses will be returned in the following XML format:

      <code>Error code</code>
      <message>Error message</message>

In addition to the error response, the UIM API service includes some additional 403 codes to communicate issues with permission, capacity, or authentication :

Code Message Description
403 Forbidden You have not been granted permission to access the requested method or object.
403 Not Authorized The API key associated with your request was not recognized, or the digital signature was incorrect.
403 Account Inactive The API key you are using to access the API has not been approved or has been disabled.
403 Account Over Queries Per Second Limit The API key you are using has attempted to access the API too many times in one second.
403 Account Over Rate Limit The API key you are using has attempted to access the API too many times in the rate limiting period.
403 Rate Limit Exceeded The service you have requested is over capacity.


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