Using the Univision Articles API, anybody is capable of constructing their own custom feeds for Univision  stories . Stories may be retrieved a number of ways, including pulling  content by site, employing either basic search or tag search. All article feeds are available in both RSS and JSON formatting. Please refer to our documentation below which describes in detail how data can be requested and returned.

Supported Parameters

* Note that parameters are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as specified below.

count - The number of items to retrieve. If no count is specified, the default number of items will be set to 20. The maximum setting allowed it 100.

site - Filter items to a specific Univision site. The site value should correspond to the word before the first period in a Univision domain. For example, to retrieve content from, use site=futbol. Click here to see a list of all available sites. 

source - Filter items to a specific source. (List of available source parameters coming soon)

fromDate - Filter items from a specific date of the format YYYY-MM-DD. For example, to retrieve content from August 1, 2010, use fromDate=2010-08-01

toDate - Filter items until a specific date of the format YYYY-MM-DD. For example, to retrieve content until October 1, 2011, use fromDate=2011-10-01

tags - Filter items to the tags specified. Spaces are allowed, and multiple tags are delimited by commas. For example, to retrieve content relevant to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, use tags=Jennifer Lopez,Marc Anthony

text - Filter items using a full-text search - this parameter is recommended for basic search as it conducts a more thourough search of our content.

Wirefeed Parameters

The following wirefeed parameters can also be specified

wf_slug - Filter items to a wirefeed slug

wf_country - Filter items to a wirefeed country

wf_city - Filter items to a wirefeed city

wf_geocode - Filter items to a wirefeed geocode

wf_category - Filter items to a wirefeed category

wf_subcategory - Filter items to a wirefeed subcategory

wf_service - Filter items to a wirefeed service


Sample Search URL

Get the latest 3 Shakira articles from the website



Sample Final Request<your api key>	  											

Sample Json Output

{    "uimJson": {        
		 "url": "",            
		 "title": "Articles Search",            
		 "description": "Articles Search",            
		 "link": []        
         "title": "Articles Search",        
	 "description": "Articles Search",        
	 "link": [],        
	 "pubDate": "Tue, 05 Jun 2012 17:16:33 EDT",        
	 "item": {            
		 "title": "Siguen dando de qué hablar los 'Vatileaks'",            
		 "description": "El Vaticano sustituyó temporalmente a Paolo Gabriele, el mayordomo papal sospechoso de robar documentos confidenciales de Benedicto XVI y filtrarlos.",            
		 "link": "",            
		 "pubDate": "Tue, 05 Jun 2012 16:35:00 EDT",            
		 "guid": "article-1082996-1338928500",            
		 "uol_id": "article1082996",            
		 "uol_xmlUrl": "",            
		 "uol_modifiedAt": "2012-06-05 16:56:13 EDT",            
		 "uol_contentType": "article",            
		 "uol_thumbnail": "",            
		 "media_thumbnail": {                
			 "@attributes": {                    
					 "url": ""
		 "uol_largeImage": "",            
		 "uol_largeThumbnail": "",            
		 "uol_regularImage": "",            
		 "uol_mobileUrl": ""        

 Note: Mobile developers could use the uol_mobileUrl to the article on the movil site.